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25 in '22!!!

Dear Fellow Class of 96 Alums,

Believe it or not it’s STILL happening!! As with the rest of the world, Covid and 2020 changed everything for our 25th Year Class Reunion. When the school canceled the 95’s 25th Year Reunion, my fingers were crossed for months hoping our 2021 reunion would be allowed to go forward. Then last fall, Dartmouth communicated we could plan “virtual only” events. I literally threw my unnecessarily thick “Class Reunion” binder and vision boards in the trash and ho

ped the pandemic would be over by our 30th. Guess who did NOT lose hope? Our amazing Class of 9D6 Officers!! They worked tirelessly behind the scenes, even before the school canceled our in-person reunion, to ensure that there was a contingency plan in place. After many discussions Dartmouth agreed, included the Class of 1995 and now BOTH classes will be celebrating 25th Year reunions together July 22-24, 2022!! The Class Reunion Committee is dedicated to making this an extremely special time for our classmates and their families. Since the college has never done a reunion in July with the students on campus it may look a little different than previous reunions but, as your Reunion Chairperson, I PROMISE to make sure everyone of every age has events and activities to ensure an amazing experience--the chance to make shared memories we can all cherish. Keep an eye on this spac

e, your email and mailboxes for teasers, updates, surprises and more information as it becomes available. We will be finalizing most of the details by January 2022 as well as providing a timeline for signup, housing, etc in the early spring. I look forward to celebrating our silver anniversary with you next summer. All the best,




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