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What is a Class Project?

A class project is a way for an alumni class to give as a class to Dartmouth programs and students. Most alumni classes support class projects as a way to build class identity, get classmates involved in alumni activities, and of course to support the College.

How do you want to see our

Class Project funds spent this year?

As we consider how we would like to put our Class Project funds to work for our Dartmouth community in 2018, we want to know how you want your $10 spent!  We are creating a short survey to help gather your input so that our project reflects the interests and passions of the Class of ’96. We will be posting here and sending out via email shortly. Please keep an eye out for it in your inbox and take five minutes to complete it. 


In addition to the survey, you can find the current list of College-identified projects at: HERE. If you see something that sparks your imagination, let us know. And if you have an outside the box idea that you’d like us to investigate, don’t hesitate to email Holly Parker.




Dickey Center for International Understanding


2015 - 2016

Through the Dickey Center for International Understanding Winter Mini-Grant program, Ashley, along with four other Dartmouth team members, traveled to Delta State of Nigeria and implemented a capacity building project, providing design-thinking training to young entrepreneurs and leaders. The project also received support from the Class of ’81 and the U.S. Consulate in Lagos. 




Chelsea Kirk '10 

Athletic Sponsor Program



Samoneh Kadivar '10

Tucker Fellowship




Alessandra V. Necamp '09

Tucker Foundation




Jesse Reisner '12

Tucker Fellowship



 Kali Montecalvo '13

Rockefeller Center Fellowship


Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC)



Julia Berkowitz '14

Psychological & Brain Sciences

"Individual biases in the expression and perception of surprise"



Andres Mejia-Ramon '16


Local Hydrology in Teotihuacan



Ashley Manning-Lockett '17

Dickey Center for International Understanding


History of Class of 1996 Giving

After participating in an Alumni Officers Weekend in Hanover in the fall of 2005, Kim Haring and Lanea Tripp, who had just been elected as your class president and vice-president, were impressed by the idea of class projects, and by how much these projects meant to participating classes. We decided to explore the opportunity for our class.


Although classes can develop their own projects, the College strongly encourages classes to begin by participating in a College-approved (meaning it does not violate NCAA or Dartmouth guidelines) program in one of three areas: community service, academics, or athletics.


Because 2005-2006 was to be our first year of participation and we didn't know how interested our class would be in funding the project, we choose a project that was inexpensive, but would begin to get our class talking and thinking about future possibilities.  We chose the Athletic Scholars Program, which helps support visits to Dartmouth by prospective student athletes. With a donation of $500, we were matched with a matriculating student who chose to attend Dartmouth after a donation-funded visit to Dartmouth. We were excited by the idea of being able to "follow" our student during her time at Dartmouth.

Concurrently with choosing our first project, we offered you a chance to donate to the class project in addition to paying your class dues. In a wonderful show of support, our classmates fully funded the class project within a few months of its introduction to the class.

After our first year of participation, we conducted a survey of the class, and learned that our class was most interested in supporting projects in community service, academics, and the library. Because most academic projects require higher funding, we decided to work on Tucker programs while we build our own Class Project funding.

In 2011, we again reassessed the class project, and this time, our classmates (and class officers) were evenly split between Tucker, the Rockefeller Center, and the DOC.   Because we had already supported Tucker, and Rockefeller had more interest in our earlier survey, the executive committee agreed to support a Rockefeller student in 2011 and to move onto a gift to the DOC in 2012.  

In 2013, we began a new class project partnership with the Dean of the Faculty’s Undergraduate Research Office.  This program is responsible for removing the financial barriers to student research for theses and independent study projects. Through surveys, class members voted to support students directly, and this project is absolutely doing that.  We were excited to get involved with this program, and to explore the idea of establishing an ongoing “Class of 1996 Research Stipend.”  



New Projects


There are so many options for our class project--we can change it as often as we want, supporting projects in different areas each year, or we can work as a class to come up with a project that we want to stick with year after year, associating our class with something significant that we have accomplished over a long period of time. It is your class officers' hope, over the course of our five-year service, to help our class establish and fund our class project so that it will continue as long as there are ‘96s out there to support it. To do that, we need your input and support.

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