A Brief Note from our Class Treasurer

Thanks to all of you, we had our most successful non-reunion Fiscal Year since I started as Class Treasurer.  232 of (or 22.31%) you paid your dues raising $11,350.00 of which $1,950 was for Class Project 1 and $140 for Class Project 2.


Our record for total number of dues payers in a non-reunion year remains 2009's 279 dues payers and $10,850 raised.  The strategy of sending out more than a single dues letter seemed to work well.  Don't worry, if you pay your dues before the second and (for the first time) third letters are sent this fiscal year, you will not receive the follow on mailings.  So thank you, I really appreciate your generosity.


I also want to take this opportunity to discuss Class Project 2.  As you may remember, last year, the Class Executive Committee discovered that there were four memorial funds established in the name of four of our fallen classmates.  When we discovered this, we made a donation on behalf of the Class of $250 to each of the four funds.  We also established Class Project 2 so that you could choose to earmark your donations to the Class for those funds. Only a few of you chose to make that donation, therefore, in the first dues letter for FY 2019, I mentioned that I would not be soliciting  donations to Class Project 2.  But then something funny happened, before I could change the shopping basket for our online dues collection website, many of you generously donated to Class Project 2.  So over the first 3 months of FY 2019 we have already raised more than twice the amount we raised last year.  So I will go ahead and add a solicitation as part of the second dues mailer.


What Do We Do With Our Class Dues?

Well, frankly, not enough. By the end of FY 2018, we have healthy reserves of near $60K.  While, the Executive Committee is committed to the judicious use of class funds, we are mandated to use them to encourage our classmates to connect to each other and to the College, and not simply grow reserves.  In other words, I don't want to sit on this war chest.  Part of the way that we plan on spending it is through transfers to various funds.  Our oldest fund is the reunion reserve.  The balance as of the end of FY 2018 $18,250.  I would like to grow this to $25,000 over the next two years in preparation for our 25th reunion in June of 2021.  These funds will be used to improve the quality of the reunion food and events while keeping costs down.  Our second fund is the 25th Reunion Class Project.  It's current balance is $6,500 and I think it would be quite reasonable to almost double that by our 25th reunion.  Our final and smallest fund is the Class Officers' Travel Reserve.  The purpose of the fund is to ensure that any member of our class who wishes to be a class officer and eventually an Alumni Representative, but is concerned due to the cost of travel to the College, would be have the help of the class to defray the costs, as it is very important to the Committee than no one is excluded from serving due to financial considerations.


Even with these funds we still need your help to your help to fulfill our mission. Do you have an idea for a class project that can directly benefit the College or one of its communities? Come talk to us.  Do you want to arrange a mini-reunion and need help off-setting some of the cost. Come talk to us.  Do you have some other idea for fostering connections among the members of our class? Come talk to us.

Paying Class Dues

     The Dartmouth College Class of 1996 is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and 100% of your dues are tax deductible. 

     [Confidentiality Notice] Depending on the payment method you choose, The Dartmouth Class of 1996 may collect your credit card information solely to process your dues payment.  The information is kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with anyone.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Shervyn



Please visit our online payment system.  

Postal Service

Print out this PDF form and mail it and a check payable to Dartmouth Class of 1996 to the address found on the bottom of the PDF.

Annual Financial Report

     At the August of each year the Class is required to file an Annual Financial Report with the Office of Alumni Relations. The latest Annual Financial Report can be downloaded below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Shervyn.

Dartmouth College Fund (DCF) Donor?

The College has love and recognition waiting for you on another Honor Roll. 

Dartmouth College Fund (DCF) Donor?

The College has love and recognition waiting for you on another Honor Roll. 

Thank you to the '96s who paid their class dues for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year:

Drew W. Ackert
Kavon Adli
Sharon Spatz Alexander
Scott D. Anthony
Andrew L. Atterbury
Janny Bae
Matthew J. Bailey
Brian R. Balsis, M.D.
Courtney A. Bell, Ph.D.
Della C. Bennett, M.D.
Colin M. Bernardino
Michael H. Boothby, M.D.
John C. Bosacco
Justin S. Boyd, D.D.S.
Jeffrey J. Braciak
Carrie F. Braddock
Carrington B. Bradley
Drew A. Brady, M.D.
Amy Decker Brar
James F. Brennan, Jr.
Katherine L. Brennan
Linda J. Brewer
Malia N. Brink
Suzanne B. Brown, M.D.
Amy Harman Burkart, Esq.
Dax T. Burkhart
Susan Ettinger Burkhart
Helen M. Burnham
Tyler M. Burpee, M.D.
Mark Buschmann
Matthew D. Bush, M.D.
Thomas M. Caputo
Margaret L. P. Chang
Elizabeth Coleman Chen
Gloria M. Chung
Mark B. Cicirelli
Cristina N. Courey
Brian M. Crowell
Michael J. Curran
Christina Montgoris Danforth
Angelos J. Dassios
John T. Davis, M.D.
Jason A. Demers
Andrew J. Denekas
Carrie Kuss Denning
Joshua S. Dines, M.D.
Ryan P. Donovan
Kirsten L. Doolittle
Catherine Burt Driver, M.D.
Jessica L. Duda
Jason R. Dunklee
Stanley O. Dunn, Jr.
Alexander R. Edlich
Pamela Esposito, Ph.D.
Kurt L. Euler
Jason D. Feldman
John W. Ferrie
Tomoko Nakamura Fortune
Daniel L. Frem, D.V.M.
Jennifer A. Frontera, M.D.
Spencer H. Garrett
Shawn Snipes Gasparini
Kristin Bailey Gendron, M.D.
Garrett M. Gil de Rubio
Brian J. Giunta
Noah D. Goldberg
Susan Fields Goldsmith, M.D.
Jeneen Di Benedetto Graham, Ed.D.
Rebecca W. Graves
Douglas C. Grossberg
Carmen L. Harden
Karen L. Hersey
Eva Heyman
Brian T. Hill, M.D., Ph.D.
Alexander T. Hillel, M.D.
Matthew B. Holmwood
George Jiunruey Huang, M.D.
William D. Hwang, M.D.
Jacob M. Isler
Christian H. Jacobus, M.D.
Gregory S. Jensen
Hannah M. Jensen
Amy Jones, D.V.M.
Tara L. Jones
Daniel M. Kalafatas
Christopher Kao, Esq.
Daniel A. Kashman
David B. Kasregis
C. James Keenan, IV
Briarly Kilburn
Eugene H. Kim
Newrhee Kim, M.D.
April Kimmel
Glenda L. King
Andrew S. Kingsdale
Andrew Koh
Jack Kolodny
MacDuff Kuhnert
Oh Young Kwon
James A. Lally, M.D.
Kristina Lambright
Scott G. Lassonde
Richard M. LeClair
Michele I. Leddy
Rose S. Lee
Frederick R. Lemley
Juan Leon
Annie McKee Leys
Colter P. Leys
Kimberly L. Lippmann
Amena Saeed Lone
Jeremy K. Longinotti
Daniel C. Lu, M.D., Ph.D.
Sarah B. MacColl
Amanda Maw Macejko, M.D.
Jennifer Land Mackenzie
Elizabeth A. Manheim, Ph.D.
James W. Manning
Christopher M. Marston
Leigh E. Matlaga, M.D.
Marc F. McDonald
John S. McEwan, III
Wendi W. McKenna
R. Burns McKinney
Adam S. Medros
Keith A. Miles
Elizabeth K. Miller
Kendra D. Miller
Matthew C. Miller
Kevin P. Mollen, M.D.
Daphne L. Monie, Ph.D.
Brendan M. Moore
Devin S. Morgan
Justin M. Moscardelli
J. Jorge Motoshige
Megan M. Mullen
Trudy M. Muller
M. Hadley Mullin Kalafatas
Alex C. Nelson
Christopher J. Norberg
Andrew B. Obenshain
Gregory R. Obenshain
Sara N. Paisner, Ph.D.
Brian T. Palm
Gregory N. Papajohn
Joseph A. Parlavecchio
Robert E. Parrott, Ph.D.
Darren T. Peers
John D. Peoples, M.D.
Trevor John Peterson
Gwyn A. Prentice
Aliza W. Pressman
Elizabeth A. Rawson, D.V.M.
Leslie Jennings Rowley
Aaron M. Sandoski
Maribel Bastian Sandoski
Sarah Branae Santoro
John V. Schneider
Meredith M. Scott
Thomas M. Scott
Keara L. Sease
Stacey Serrano, Esq.
Kathleen F. Shanahan
Derek G. Shendell, D.Env., M.P.H.
Maneesh Shrivastav, Ph.D.
Jeffrey S. Smith
P. Holden Spaht Jr.
Salvatore J. Spataro, Jr.
Amy M. Sprole, M.D.
Derek H. Squire
Amy M. Staehr
Zachary Stein
Erik M. Stien, M.D.
Margaret Block Stineman
Anne E. Stone, M.D.
Michael E. Strahs
Morgen A. Sullivan
Patsa Sullivan, M.D.
Yunsian Tai
Heidi R. Taylor
William Isaac Thorne
William W. Tovell, Jr.
William TJ Uppington
E. Reid Veto
Roger B. Vincent, Jr.
Jessica Drolet Wadlow
Andrew S. Weinberg
Monica Osofsky Weinberg, M.D.
Michael A. Wiles
Anne Wilkerson
J. Barrett Willingham
Alexander J. Willscher
John C. Wilson
Lindsay G. Wilson
Cory Wishengrad
Jennifer A. Wulff
Michael J. Zigmont