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2023 Alumni Councilor Election 

The term of our current Alumni Councilor Kimberly Koontz Haring will end June 30, 2023. An election for a new Alumni Council Representative will take place online March 19 through March 30, 2023.

What the role entails:

- Serve as an ambassador for Dartmouth and a liaison between the College and alumni.

- Solicit feedback and questions from constituents to share with College and Council leadership.

- Be up to speed on Dartmouth news, happenings, and priorities and share what you know with your constituents.

- Inspire alumni volunteerism and engagement with Dartmouth through committees.

- Participate in meetings to keep informed and engaged with Alumni Council information.


Our representative on the Alumni Council should plan to attend two meetings each year (late October/early November and mid-May) during the next three years (Fall 2023 to Spring 2026). As of now, the fall meeting is held in-person in Hanover and the spring meeting is held virtually.  Please note, Councilors are responsible for their own travel expenses. Successful Alumni Councilors have typically already developed an engaged leadership role within the Dartmouth ecosystem.

Those interested in running in a class-wide election for this position were to fill out the form at the time of this page by February 17.  The Nominating Committee brought a recommended ballot to the Executive Committee for ratification by February 20. Petition candidates were accepted until March 4.

The slate for the 2023 Alumni Council Election includes: Burns McKinney '96 and Matthew Miller '96.




The name of the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes will be forwarded to the Alumni Council for approval at the spring meeting in May.


Burns McKinney.png

Burns McKinney '96

Matt Miller.png

Matt Miller '96

Online voting open March 19 to 30

All members of the Class of 1996 who have paid class dues as of March 30 are eligible to vote in this online election. Check your email just prior to the election for more details on the process.

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